In The Beginning Christian Child Development Center and Preschool. . . is a family owned ministry to benefit the working families in our community who desire full-day Christian child development and care for their children.

Our mission is “to love, serve, disciple, educate, and protect children, through creative and exciting Christian educational programs focused on developing their individual personalities and character, ethics and citizenship values, cognitive skills, and faith”.

We have worked diligently since 1998, striving to accomplish this mission to the highest degree possible.  We will not compromise the level of service to the families we serve.  We strongly believe in, and maintain, a low ratio of children to teachers, thereby achieving a well-structured, educational environment for every enrolled child.  Our slogan is, “Committed to Christ … Committed to Children”.  We acknowledge and believe in the Lord’s Word, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6).

We are sensitive to staff needs, provide a good work environment for personal and spiritual growth and offer a professional career path that will enhance their sense of value in their work.  Our teachers are the ones who are touching and changing lives.  In The Beginning teachers are SO special.  They are the backbone of the ministry and Christ is the foundation.

Message from the owners, Ray and Helen Winter

In the end … Ray and I have been the ones to be blessed beyond what we could have ever imagined!  We started this business to serve and bless others but have received many more blessings in return.  Our teachers and families have encouraged, supported, and loved our family.  How could we ever deserve to be so blessed?  The presence of the Lord is felt here throughout the day.  Our ministry, In The Beginning, is not perfect but from the heart we serve Him and your children.

Also … the Lord gave us our third child, a son in 2002, but the left side of his heart did not develop properly, called HLHS; therefore, requiring five open heart surgeries!  Families and staff prayed for us during the eight years of his life and helped us in so many ways to enable our family to meet all of our son’s needs.  He thrived at our school and grew into a boy filled with love and compassion for his friends.  He passed these blessing on in kindergarten and for a brief time in first grade at Douglas Creative Arts and Science Magnet School, where he made a big impact on everyone he came in contact with.  Unfortunately he spent most of his last year in the hospital and went to Jesus in July 2010.  Truly I say to you, we know the value of a child’s life!  We have a heightened sense of how important each day is.

So … through this ministry we have made lifelong friends.  We have seen staff, children, and parents seeking Christ through this ministry.  What a testimony!  What a blessing!  Really, that is what it is ALL about, each of us growing closer to each other, through a real walk with Christ.  We are forever grateful for this opportunity to serve Him and you.

Ray and Helen Winter

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