Core values of a Quality Child Development Program

Observation, assessment, and communication are an essential part of a good child development program.  At In The Beginning Child Development Center and Preschool teachers observe children throughout their daily routines to assess their abilities.  They communicate developmental growth through written notes and daily interaction with parents.  Every child learns at their own pace and our priority is to provide an environment where they can be successful.  A good program and curriculum has the ability to adapt depending on the readiness and abilities of the students.

Intangibles our Program offers

Image of Teacher bonding with infant while holding, touching and feeding herAs strong as our commitment to child development is, we are equally dedicated to get to know each child and make a significant difference in their lives.  We love each child with the love of Christ and truly care about making a huge impact!  Investing in the early spiritual development of your child builds excellent coping skills and establishes self-esteem, self-awareness and a sense of faith.  These principles form the foundation for the skills they form to manage life’s numerous challenges as they grow and mature.

Classroom environment

Our number one goal and where most of our energy is devoted is to the classroom environment.  Consistency in teachers, low teacher to child ratios, age appropriate curriculum and materials, schedules conducive to structured and independent learning, all make for an exciting and enriched environment for learning and teaching.

Management is consistently involved with the implementation of our Image of Preschoolers during fun imaginative play in the kitchen learning centercurriculum in a supporting role and making sure the classroom environment is fun, and has appropriate age based centers for playing that encourage learning and exploring concepts.  We understand that playing is where children are offered the opportunity to develop their natural curiosity and creativity to develop a lifelong love of learning.

There is time each day to pray together and learn from one another and their teachers.  We sing songs together, listen to stories, and learn to understand about God’s world around us.  Teachers instill confidence as children learn the answers to their favorite questions: What? Why? Where? Who? How?

Teachers implement our development program

In The Beginning has the dedicated teachers to implement our program.  They ensure every day we achieve our goal of a high-quality Christian child development program with a small family atmosphere.  Teachers create and implement themed lessons plans based on childrens interests.  Teachers observe activities to assess children’s development, tracking their milestone successes to communicate to parents.  They love children and teaching and appreciate our low teacher to child ratios.

Teachers are held to a higher standard not only to be professional early childhood educators but to exhibit Christian principles of integrity, Image of two-year-olds hugging and expressing love for each otherfaithfulness, patience, accountable and to be moral, honest, and loving, with respect for one another.  Teachers use these Christian principles to teach lessons and life skills from the Bible like “love one another”, and “treat your friends like you want to be treated”.  Their top priority is making a difference in the lives of young children and their families.  Our teachers ensure a safe, nurturing, age-appropriate and loving learning environment on a daily basis.

In The Beginning’s program ensures that children:

  • Have fun and engaging centers for play and exploration
  • Have opportunities to socialize with their friends, learning to share and play cooperativelyImage of Active two-year-olds playing cooperatively in the block center
  • Have time to explore their feelings and use their imaginations with the appropriate balance of planned and spontaneous activities
  • Have challenging developmental activities to solve problems and think independently and abstractly
  • Have exciting theme based activities to support monthly lesson plans
  • Have adequate variety and quantity of materials for play
  • Become aware of themselves as learners and begin to develop strategies for expressing their ideas
  • Have choice board for selecting learning center of ­their choice for play, in twos and above
  • Teachers support and teach children to work out conflicts with each other and discover together what better choices can be made

Our school is committed to Christ and to making sure that every child who attends our center knows how much He loves them and desires to have a relationship with them.  Classrooms are filled with prayer and children’s music, as well as, Bible stories and activities that teach the lessons for life that the Bible, God’s Word, gives!

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