Our teachers’ number one priority is making a difference in the lives of the children and families in their class and center.  The focus is on the families.  Our first concern is the safety of your child and their health.  Our teachers ensure a safe, nurturing, instructional class environment on a daily basis.  No child is a number, all children are loved equally.  We are committed to Christ and committed to children.  The classrooms are warm and inviting.  In The Beginning teachers are passionate about the care and education they provide.  Our staff is interactive and involved with the children throughout the day, seizing every teachable moment possible.  We strive to make each day fun and meaningful.  Our parents appreciate our Christian values, ethical and professional relationship, and nurturing presence.

The quality of the classroom environment and your child’s education and social experience, hinges on the teacher.  They are the individuals interacting with your child during the day.  Our teachers work with our management team, one another, and take college courses in the field of early childhood education to reach their full potential.  We ensure our staff has the resources at their disposal to be the quality early childhood professional we expect and you desire.  Our staff is diverse with varied work backgrounds.  Personalities harmoniously blend together to further enhance our character.  Our staff truly makes a difference as they stand out in this field because they possess valued educator and personal attributes.

In The Beginning does not use a canned curriculum,  rather teachers create an interactive, fun and complete curriculum to address all areas of development from the vast amount of resources that In The Beginning has at their disposal.  Creating lesson plans rather than purchasing it allows more creativity and flexibility for individual or classroom needs to be addressed.  This is an area where In The Beginning really stands out, hands on curriculum planning and the resources to implement them properly.  Our curriculum is constantly evolving to incorporate the best early childhood education teaching practices.  Teachers promote cooperative play and collaborative problem solving through lesson plans and spontaneous opportunities that arise.  In The Beginning teachers and staff are dedicated to work together to achieve these goals by providing loving, patient care to each child.  Every child is loved with the love of Jesus.  Children are assured personal time with their teachers for prayer and extra hugs and interaction in centers – whatever they need each and every day!  Having a personal relationship with the Lord allows these women to have this higher patience level and understanding that all children are a gift from God and no one goes unnoticed!

Each classroom takes time every day to pray together and learn from one another and their teachers.  We sing songs together, listen to stories, and learn to understand and experience God’s world around us.

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